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Why I am plant-based?

I have learned over the years, for myself, controlling the appetite is one of the most difficult things to do!  The taste buds want one thing, but the brain knows better and wants something else.  Better eating is a process.  As we simplify our diet, the taste buds get accustomed to new things and those food become the new norm.  This is not accomplished over night.

For some people, including myself, this took years.  Being plant based will give you more energy, less sickness, clearer thought processes. Which in turn, will reduce medical costs.

Some people say it is expensive to eat is much more expensive to eat unhealthy in the long run.

I hope you enjoy some of my recipes and demo's as you peruse this website. 



Classes I can Teach

I enjoy educating others when it comes to health--health is our greatest wealth.  If you have any upcoming events and would like a speaker, here are some subjects I would enjoy teaching:

  • Activity--What It Does to your Body
  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Waking up to the Importance of Sleep
  • How can you affect your Diabetes
  • Mindful Eating
  • Our Sweetest Enemy--Sugar
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