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I wanted to share something that is becoming quite prevalent–forward head posture (FHP). There is a name for everything! My chiropractor was giving me a bad time about my posture and now that I am aware, wow, most people have poor posture! Have you seen younger people with their heads forward at such young ages? FHP can add up to 30lbs of abnormal leverage on the cervical spine. It can also lead to as much as 30% loss in lung capacity which leads to heart (increasing blood pressure) and vascular problems, headaches, and the whole gut is affected. Why is this happening? Kids of all ages wear back packs (sometimes up to 30-40lbs) with more weight than should be carried, we lean forward when typing, video games, phones, and tv. Eventually the muscles and bones become locked into this form if we don’t correct it. It is important to stand up straight. Your ears should be over your shoulders-like the last picture. Put your back up against the wall and see if your head and shoulders can touch the wall–like the 2nd to last picture. Try staying in this position for at least 30 seconds. If you can’t do it, some exercising is in order to stretch those muscles back out. Stand up straight when walking (like last picture)–like you have a book on your head. Do your health and spine a favor.

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Have you ever had some sleepless nights and the merry-go-round in your brain is turned on with every thought coming out to take a turn?

Is your sleep being sabotaged—unknowingly. How important is sleep anyway. Is weight gain a side effect from lack of sleep? Come find out. See the links with Natural Grocers location and times.…/shawnee/…/events…/overland-park/…/events

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It will be tomato season soon. Cherry tomatoes are so sweet and tasty, but they sure take awhile to cut for salads. Look at this 1 minute clip on how to cut these little guys in a fraction of the time–ingenious!…/

Super-simplified way to cut cherry tomatoes will make your life so much easier – The Raw Food…
This amazingly simple way of cutting a bunch of cherry tomatoes at once make you want to eat them just for the sake of it (as if you need another reason to enjoy this…

I have not felt good about eating margarine for some time. I was told it was one step away from eating plastic. I know it is a processed food, but it looks so innocent and creamy and clean in those plastic containers. A friend sent me this link. I now know why I do not feel good about margarine and will probably not touch it again. I hope you are as amazed as I was:…/041514_Do-People-That-Eat-Marga…

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