Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea

3-4 Tablespoons dried hibiscus leaves to 1 Quart water—mix to taste.  Let sit overnight on counter or fridge—may let sit a week in fridge.  Drain leaves off, add 1 dropper of stevia—or to taste—may add raw honey to taste. Enjoy a delicious drink plain or on ice.


Delicious drink to replace Kool aide or other beverages. Hibiscus is a commonly found flower in India that is used as an offering to the Gods. Hibiscus is also used as for cosmetic and medicinal purposes since olden times in India. Hibiscus is an important constituent in many Ayurveda medicines as well. The plant looks ordinary but has extraordinary health benefits for humans. Every part of the plant has good health benefits. Hibiscus leaves are good for health because they contain all the vital nutrients and minerals required by us. They can either be consumed or used externally. Hibiscus can be used directly or there are some stores that sell hibiscus extracts as well. Hibiscus has shown to be beneficial for Cholesterol and blood pressure maintenance,

Read more at: http://www.boldsky.com/health/nutrition/2014/top-six-health-benefits-of-hibiscus-leaves-037926-037926.html#slide30998


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